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--- 2011 ---

July 12th:
Research by undergraduate student Caroline Sofiatti is published in Physical Review C

April 30th:
Research by Prof. Jacobs, Dr. Sai Vinjanampathy, and M.S. student Justin Finn
is featured in the April 30th issue of New Scientist

April 22nd:
A team lead by Prof. Daniel Lidar of USC, and incluing Prof. Kurt Jacobs, along with team members
at Princeton, Griffith, UC Riverside, and Iowa State, have been awarded an ARO MURI grant
for the project Control of Quantum Systems: Theory and Experiments.

--- 2010 ---

Nov 23rd:
Congratulations to Prof. D.V.G. (Gopal) L.N. Rao for his election as a
Fellow of the American Physical Society.

April 3rd :
UMass Boston Physics Department Hosts the
Third Annual Greater Boston Area Quantum Matter Meeting

March 31st:
Prof. Jacobs book, Stochastic Processes for Physicists, is published by  
Cambridge University Press.

Jan 12-13:
Former undergraduate Majd Mayyasi takes part in a program that trains scientists for
suborbital flight. See here (photo below)

--- 2009 ---

Sept 9-30:
UMass Boston hosts the "From the Earth to the Universe" exhibit.

March 25:
Prof. Arthur Eisenkraft wins the 2009 Millikan Medal — the top prize for Physics Education in the US

March 17:
Prof. Olshanii gives an Invited Talk at the 2009 APS March Meeting, on
"The Eigenstate Thermalization Hypothesis and Quantum Thermodynamics"

--- 2008 ---
September 23:
Prof. Jacobs wins the 2008 College of Science and Mathematics Award for Outstanding Scholarship

September 14:
The Physics Department Observatory is featured in an article in the Boston Globe.

Summer Break:
Umass Boston students Terri Williams (Physics) and Rekha Agarwalla (Chemistry), perform industrial
research internships at the Schlumberger-Doll Research laboratories in Cambridge.

April 30:
A recent paper by Dr. Stephen Choi and Prof. Bala Sundaram in Physical Review A, predicting that intense atom lasers will be "multicolored", is covered by AIP Physics News Updates (article here)

April 29:
The recent Nature paper by Rigol, Dunjko and Olchanyi is covered by USC News
(article here) and by a newspaper in Croatia (article here).

April 22:
Physics major Terri Williams is accepted to the graduate program at Brown. 

April 17:
Dr. Marcos Rigol, Dr. Vanja Dunjko and Prof. Maxim Olchanyi publish a Letter in Nature, shedding new light on the question of how isolated quantum systems thermalize. The article may be found here.

March 30:
Prof. Gopal Rao & Dr. Chandra Yelleswarapu were awarded a $30,000 CVIP (Commercial Ventures and Intellectual Property) grant to help the commercial development of their innovative research on the Fourier Phase Contrast Microscope. The award is one of only eight made throughout the UMass system.

March 14:
Prof. Rao organises a session at the APS March Meeting on controlling light with Bacteriodopsin. The schedule of the session may be found here. Below is a photo of the invited speakers (Left to right:  Chandra Yelleswarapu, Frank Vollmer, Gopal Rao, Robert Birge, Sukhdev Roy and Jian Xu.)

Jan 9:
The Board of Trustees of the University of Massachusetts voted to appoint Gopal Rao as a Distinguished Professor at the University of Massachusetts.