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         Tomas Materdey    

Assistant Professor of Physics

Department of Physics
University of Massachusetts at Boston
100 Morrissey Blvd
Boston, MA 02125

Office: S–3–110
Email: here
Phone: 617 287 6435
Fax: 617 287 6053
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Research Interests
Classical and quantum computing; phase-space quantum mechanics and nanostructures; digital signal processing and human voice identification; wave propagation and numerical electromagnetics.
Current Research Topics

The Wigner function and its application in quantum dots, wires, and signal processing. Computational physics, database and sensor networks for accessible transportation, and science and engineering education.


Engineering 103: Intro to Engineering

Physics 113–114: Fundamentals of Physics I–II
Engineering 232: Circuit Analysis II
Engineering 321: Linear Systems Theory I
Engineering 322: Linear Systems Theory II
Physics 697 (Special Topics): Scientific Computation and Visualization

Physics 697 (Special Topics): Advanced Projects in Scientific Computation

Selected Publications 
Wigner Function in the Symmetric Gauge: de Haas-van Alphen Oscillations, Magnetic Field Localization and Uncertainty Principle
T.B. Materdey and C.E. Seyler
Int. J. Mod. Physics B 17, 4683 (2003)  

The Quantum Wigner Function in a Magnetic Field
T.B. Materdey and C.E. Seyler
Int. J. Mod. Physics B 17, 4555 (2003)  

On the Application of Finite Methods in Time Domain to Anisotropic Dielectric Waveguides
S.G. Garcia, T. Materdey, R.G. Martin, B.G. Olmedo
IEEE Trans. Microwave Theory and Technique 44, 2195 (1996)  

A New Vision of Numerical Methods for the Solution of Maxwell’s equations related to the FD-TD method: Application to General Anisotropic Media
T. Materdey, S. Gonzalez, R. Gomez and B. Garcia
Proc. of the 2nd International Conf. on Computation in Electromagnetics, p. 138 (1994)