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Marvin Antonoff

Professor Emeritus

Department of Physics
University of Massachusetts at Boston
100 Morrissey Blvd
Boston, MA 02125

Office: S–3–74
Email: here
Phone: 617 287 6057
Fax: 617 287 6053

Research Interests
Theoretical solid-state physics
Current Research Topics

Marvin Antonoff performs research in the area of condensed matter physics. His work includes the theory of spin-wave excitations (magnons) in ferromagnetic metals and the theory of phase transitions in the spin-density-wave (SDW) system of transition metals. Theoretical work in this area is part of the larger subject of quantum statistical mechanics. The phase transition into the SDW state involves the condensation of electron-hole pairs, similar to the transition which takes place into the BCS superconducting state. One aspect of Professor Antonoff’s work in this area is focused on the effect of paramagnetic impurities on the electron-hole pairing. Magnetic impurities may both enhance and abate the formation of the SDW state and has proved to be useful in interpreting the data obtained in neutron scattering of transition metal alloys. Professor Antonoff has also studied the effect of phonons on the phase transitions in magnetic metals.

Most recently, Professor Antonoff has been studying the problem of alternative energy sources. As oil production rates fall, it will be necessary to increase the production of power by other means, including wind, solar, biomass, geothermal and nuclear. Energy efficiency and conservation will play important parts in planning ways to meet future energy demands. In his view, developing realistic plans for providing power for the future is one of the most important and challenging problems we need to solve if global resource wars are to be averted.

Physics 421: Atomic Physics and Intro to Quantum Mechanics

Selected Publications 
The effect of Paramagnetic Impurities on the wave-vector of the Spin-Density-Wave of an Itinerant Electron Anti-Ferromagnet
L. Gunther and M.M. Antonoff
J. Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 31, 1077 (1983)  

Effect of Impurities on Spin-Density-Wave Transition
M.M. Antonoff
Physica B & C 91, 193 (1977)  

Angular distribution of radiation from GaAs injection lasers
M.M. Antonoff
J. Appl. Physics 35, 3623 (1964)  

Band theory of ferromagnetism: qualitative aspects
F. Englert and M.M. Antonoff
Physica 30, 429 (1964)