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Readings on QBism and SIC-POVMs

There is a large literature on QBism, which gets into philosophical territory, and on SIC-POVMs, which is the more technical side of what we study. Here, we give a few highlights. Many more readings on philosophical matters can be found via the bibliographies of the first three papers, and an extensive list of SIC-related publications is available in this article.


An Introduction to QBism with an Application to the Locality of Quantum Mechanics
Christopher A. Fuchs, N. David Mermin, Rüdiger Schack
American Journal of Physics, Vol. 82, No. 8, August 2014, 749–754

On Participatory Realism
Christopher A. Fuchs
Jun 2016

QBism: Quantum Theory as a Hero's Handbook
Christopher A. Fuchs, Blake C. Stacey
Jan 2017

Notwithstanding Bohr, the Reasons for QBism
Christopher A. Fuchs
May 2017

Quantum-Bayesian Coherence
Christopher A. Fuchs, Rüdiger Schack
Reviews of Modern Physics 85, 1693-1715 (2013)

Introducing the Qplex: A Novel Arena for Quantum Theory
Marcus Appleby, Christopher A. Fuchs, Blake C. Stacey, Huangjun Zhu
The European Physical Journal D 71, 197 (2017)

Sporadic SICs and the Normed Division Algebras
Blake C. Stacey
Foundations of Physics 47 (2017)

From Outside Our Group
Symmetric Informationally Complete Quantum Measurements
Joseph M. Renes, Robin Blume-Kohout, Andrew J. Scott, Carlton M. Caves
Journal of Mathematical Physics 45, 2171 (2004)

SIC-POVMs: A new computer study
Andrew J. Scott, Markus Grassl
Journal of Mathematical Physics 51, 042203 (2010)

QBism: The Future of Quantum Physics
Hans Christian von Baeyer
Harvard University Press (2016)